3 Exterior Home Renovation Projects for Summer

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A patio in summer.

With the arrival of summer, it’s finally time to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine to the fullest. However, if your summer plans don’t include navigating around swimming pool builders, then you might want to start daydreaming about what you want your home to look like as you entertain guests for the summer holidays.

It’s not unusual for the summer to be a time for home renovations, but you want to get started as early as possible if you’d like to maximize your time enjoying the finished product. Here are a few significant home renovation projects you can plan for the summertime:

A Deck

Many people enjoy the idea of sunbathing in their backyard or enjoying a cookout with friends and family. Even if you were just thinking about adding a deck around your pool, though, you should start thinking about finding someone to design the deck and schedule a start date for the project soon since appointments will get increasingly scarce as time goes on.

Like any outdoor project, installing a deck depends on the outdoor weather, and the best weather you can get is in the summer. That’s why so many people schedule a deck installation during the summer months and why starting now will help you beat the rush.

A Patio

If you don’t want to add a deck or feel that it would compromise the aesthetic of your yard — or even if you wish to avoid the maintenance associated with a deck — you might still be interested in a patio. Patios allow you to have a solid outdoor space for entertaining guests or cooking and, like decks, are often scheduled throughout the summer.

By scheduling it early, you increase the likelihood of entertaining your visitors in a polished outdoor space on these warm evenings.

A Pool

Maybe you don’t care too much about entertaining guests but are dying to have someplace to cool off when the summer weather gets too hot to travel far from home. If you’ve dreamt of owning a pool, you should think about starting the process soon because many people have the same plan in mind, and appointments fill up quickly.

For more summer projects involving outdoor entertainment, you should consider or consult with a trained patio builder, call KS Pools and Patios today!