3 Steps to Take When Winterizing Your Patio

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We’re hoping your pool is closed for the winter season by now, but what about your patio? Patios can definitely stay open longer because you can enjoy them throughout the year, but there also comes a time when you need to start thinking about protecting them (or winterizing them) for the cold and snowy months.

At KS Pools and Patios, a Doylestown, PA swimming pool company, we may not reside in Alaska, but our winters in Pennsylvania can sometimes feel that way. In fact, there were some winters that we felt we couldn’t even see the grass until spring because there was so much snow on the ground. If you’d like to protect your patio to have it ready to go early next spring, here are three steps you can take when winterizing your patio:

  1. Clean and clear out your patio furniture – Even if it’s waterproof, your patio furniture can still get damaged if it’s left out during the winter. We think it’s best if you clean the furniture (so it’s not sitting in dirt for a couple of months) and then pack it away for the winter. Wipe any dirt and debris from the tables and chairs, then spray and wipe them with water. Make sure they dry before you cover them and put them away.
  1. Clean off the grill – If you have a beautiful outdoor kitchen, then you probably can’t put that away for the winter, but what can you do? For starters, you can clean off the grill and make sure it’s in tiptop shape before the first signs of snow. To do that, clean it, make sure everything is turned off, and then cover it.
  1. Clean off and store any umbrellas – Umbrellas take a bit of extra work to make sure they’re clean before they hibernate for the winter. If there’s just dirt and pollen on it, dust it off and store it inside until spring. If you need to scrub it, use dish soap and a sponge. Then, leave it outside in the sun for a few days before packing it away.

If you’d like to learn more about winterizing your patio or how to get quality swimming pool renovations in Doylestown, PA, and other local areas, contact us at 215-720-1991.