4 Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips

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Every summer, millions of people enjoy the sunshine by swimming in their backyard pools. Unfortunately, hundreds of children drown in these pools every year. To help avoid a swimming pool disaster, homeowners should make swimming pool safety a priority every season. KS Pools and Patios is one of the top swimming pool companies in Doylestown. Here are a few home swimming pool safety tips to help you this season and beyond:

1. Create barriers.

One of the top safety tips for pool owners is to secure your pool with the correct barriers. It’s usually recommended to completely surround your pool with a four-foot high fence that employs a self-latching gate.

You can also place a cover over your swimming pool when not in use and remove ladders that might be tempting for a young child. Another idea is to have a pool alarm installed so that you can be alerted if anyone goes into the pool.

2. Exercise supervision.

Pool owners should supervise small children at all times. As a general rule, you should be within arm’s reach of any young person who might be in the pool area. You can also designate a responsible adult to watch the pool when people are swimming in it.

Don’t allow anyone to swim alone and make sure that younger swimmers wear an approved life-jacket. Many of the modern flotation devices meet approved standards but be sure to check with the manufacturer before use. Another great idea is to have everyone take a swim class beforehand.

3. Keep the water clear.

Clean and clear water is the safest. By making sure that your pool has the right amount of chemicals, circulation, and filtration, you decrease the likelihood of a swimming pool-related problem. The team at KS Pool and Patios has earned a reputation as one of the top swimming pool companies in Warminster, and we can help you with pool maintenance-related issues as needed. We recommend testing your swimming pool water regularly to decrease the chances of ear-aches, rashes, or other complications.

4. Create rules.

Another way to keep your pool-goers this summer is by enforcing simple rules, such as walking instead of running, keeping away from drain covers and always swimming with a friend. Make sure that everyone knows how to handle an emergency.

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