4 Things To Do Before Closing Your Pool For Fall

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With the summer coming to an end, homeowners with a pool will soon be preparing to close the for the remainder of the calendar year. While it may seem like a ton of work to properly close a pool for the fall and winter, our team at KS Pools & Patios, one of the leading swimming pool companies in Richboro, PA, is constantly giving homeowners tips on the proper way to close a pool. Here are four things you should do before closing your pool:

A Good Cleaning

Before you put the cover on your pool for the next few months, it’s important to give your pool a solid cleaning. A good vacuuming and scrubbing will lower the chance of algae growing during the winter. The extra effort you put in now can help make the cleaning next spring when you open the pool that much easier.

Shock The Pool

The best way to kill all of the bacteria that may be living undetected in your pool is by shocking it. Every pool should be shocked before the pool is closed. Your best bet is to shock the pool a few days before the pool is officially closed.

Winterize Your Pool

Every year, we recommend pool owners start winterizing their pool before they close the pool. Properly winterizing a pool requires a phosphate remover to your pool a week before you plan on closing the pool. A phosphate remover helps prevent algae from growing when the temperatures start to drop.

Protect Your Pool

Once your pool is cleaned and ready to handle the winter weather, you’re going to want to have the right pool cover for your pool. Between safety covers, pool nets and winter covers, it is important to know which type of cover is best for your pool.

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