5 Features You Can Have in Your Fiberglass Pool

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As we’ve written previously on our blog, fiberglass offers numerous advantages as a pool surface material. It requires minimal maintenance due to its durability (its strength is 17 times that of concrete), and you’ll save money on operating costs since the fiberglass pools require less pump-running and fewer chemicals. 

If these things haven’t convinced you to choose fiberglass, we’ll tell you that the advantages don’t stop there. In addition to being a wise choice from an economic standpoint, it’s also a beautiful option from an aesthetic point of view. Like the custom patio design we provide to the Doylestown, PA area, you can customize your fiberglass pool. Here are five features that can be installed with your fiberglass pool to enhance its beauty and function: 

Mosaic Tile Designs

One of the best ways to get your pool customized and add to its character and beauty is with the installation of mosaic tiles on the pool’s surface. These tiles add color and are far more visually interesting and appealing than a plain pool surface. These designs do not have to be abstract patterns; for example, we can install tiles in the shape of turtles.

Underwater Lighting

If your summer pool party is still going strong when the sun goes down, don’t let the darkness put an end to the fun. Underwater lighting makes your pool safe and fun to use at night, and can even add to the visual effect of mosaic tiles. You can also light your pool with torches.

Love Seats

If you’d like to be able to sit and relax in your pool the same way you do in a hot tub, we have the solution. With a love-seat installation from KS Pools & Patios, you’ll have a special area of the pool where you can take a break from swimming or standing without getting out of the water.

Entry Steps

Speaking of getting in and out of the water, there’s a better way than using a pool ladder. Entry steps let you wade in and out of the water with ease.


Your pool may be man-made, but it can have a more natural appearance with a waterfall that’s lovely to look at and refreshing to swim under.

You can view all of these features in this video: 

 Whatever features you have in mind for your fiberglass pool in the Bristol, PA area, the installers at KS Pools & Patios will listen to your ideas and make them happen. Contact us today.