Why Autumn is the Best Season to Get a Fiberglass Pool Installed

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Summer is almost over and with it went another pool season. As autumn approaches and the cooler weather convinces pool owners to close up shop until the end of spring, the season opens up a world of opportunity for homeowners looking to install a pool in their yard or have their pool renovated. As the top provider of swimming pool renovations in Newtown, PA, we at KS Pools & Patios are continuing to offer excellent pool services throughout the fall and highly recommend taking advantage of this season.

The Autumn Advantage

There are many reasons why getting a fall pool installation or renovation is the best choice for forward-thinking homeowners and families — here are a few: 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

By electing a September or October installation, you will avoid the rush of pool-building season which is from June to August each year. In autumn, permits are also easier to snag, and inspectors are not inundated with work, so they can dedicate more time to your property. Finally, pool builders will not become overheated as easily in the cooler weather, so their full attention will go towards your pool instead of the A/C inside. 

Plenty of Time Before Summer

If you are anxious about getting your pool installed before the weather calls for a dip, an autumn installation will certainly take care of that concern. 

The average timeline for a fiberglass pool installation is roughly four to six weeks. This covers conducting site prep, digging, excavating and setting, adding backfill and water, making plumbing and electrical installations, pouring the concrete, and putting the finishing touches on and inspecting the new pool. This timeline varies from month to month, especially in the spring and summer, due to changeable weather conditions and the resulting delays. It is possible for shorter installation periods, but everything must go impeccably. 

If you start installation in the first or second week of September and the weather doesn’t throw a curveball, by mid-October you should have a perfectly functioning fiberglass pool. With a fall installation, you will have nearly six months to get that hot tub in and prepare the landscaping for the late spring. 

Choose from Our Wide Selection of Pool Styles 

Fall is almost here, and the season of installations is at hand. Let KS Pools & Patios bring in the pool pros to get your pool installed well before winter. Take a look at our excellent pool styles to help you make the best choice:

For more information about KS Pools & Patios’ high quality installations and swimming pool renovations in New Hope, PA, give us a call today!