Buying a Pool? Read This First

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Backyard pool in Langhorne, PA, house.

You’ve decided: It’s time to take the plunge, so to speak, and build an outdoor pool. Now that you’re committed, you’ve probably spent a few hours dreaming of your new backyard, imagining days spent lounging on the deck and sipping cocktails in the sun.

But let us interrupt your fantasies for one minute with a grounding reminder that building your dream pool is a big investment, despite the wealth of budget-friendly options out there. Making it worthwhile requires a few months of dedicated planning and research. We’ll help you get started with this handy buying guide.

Create a Pool “Lookbook”

Unless you’re a practiced artist, translating your dream pool from your imagination to a design plan can be frustrating. You might not be drafting up the design, but you should still come to a design consultation prepared with images that articulate your ideas. Do your research on designs, materials and landscape features that catch your eye. Print them out or cut them from magazines

Figure Out Your Budget

How will you be able to relax at the swim-up bar if you’re stressing out about paying for it? While planning your pool, be realistic about how much you can spend, not just on the initial building of your pool but also on upkeep (which, as long as your pool is built according to energy-efficient standards, tends to be low-cost).

Consider Your Lifestyle

How you want your pool to look is one thing, but how you need it to function is another. A skilled designer will help you marry the two for perfect harmony. The shape of your pool affects function (for example, rectangular pools are great for swimming laps while kidney-shaped pools are better suited to relaxing and elaborate landscaping), as do the number of water features and materials used. Think about how much time you’ll spend in your backyard, and what you really want to use your pool for, as well as how much maintenance you can realistically keep up with.

Find the Right Pool Builders

It’s best to start looking for a pool in the winter (or earlier) if you want one by the upcoming summer. That’s because in addition to everything else you should take into consideration, choosing a trusted, reliable pool builder is a crucial step. Having a portfolio of recent work and recommendations from diverse sources are good signs, as is a willingness to listen to all of your ideas, strategize on your budget without pushing for upsells you don’t need and giving you detailed designs and timelines.

As you plan your dream pool, KS Pools and Patios is here to help. Give us a call with all of your pool and landscaping-related questions.