Can You Have a Fire Pit Close to the Pool?

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A Poolside Firepit

Fires are a staple of outdoor living, providing warmth on cool nights and light during the evening. With the help of Ep Henry contractors, homeowners can create the perfect custom fire pits to complement their pools. However, some might find it dangerous to build a fire pit so close to their swimming pools. Hardscaping a fire pit close to a pool can be safe, but there are several choices to consider when making it a part of one’s entertainment area. Here are some tips for making poolside fire pits as safe as possible.

Pick the Best Fuel Source

All fires require a source of fuel to keep the flames burning, and natural gas is the best option available for poolside fire pits. They’re easy to use, start quickly, and are cheaper to purchase than propane. However, it does require a gas line installation to function, which can be problematic if the layout of the pool and its piping are in the way. In the event a natural gas fire is not doable, hard wood-like maple and oak is a usable alternative that doesn’t spark as often as softwood.

Select the Right Design

Poolside fire pits come in a variety of different designs and can be built with different types of materials. Our paver installers use their masonry skills to craft custom-made fire pits that fit in with the aesthetic and style of your pool, in addition to making them safe for use. Concrete, natural stone, and pavers (a mix of the two) are sturdy, stylish, and can safely contain the fire’s heat. Make sure the size of the fire pit isn’t too big, so family and friends have enough room to safely maneuver around without fear of falling in.

Determine a Safe Location

The distance a fire pit is from a swimming pool will also determine how safe it will be. Many regions require at least 10 feet between the poolside and the fire, but the distance can vary depending on local regulations. Check both state and local laws to determine the proper distance. Additionally, it’s dangerous to light fires during heavy wind because embers can be blown away, so consider locations by the pool which are less windy. Keeping the pit away from trees is also beneficial, as it will lessen the amount of stray leaves that can combust and spread the fire if they’re caught ablaze.

Maintain the Poolside Patio

There are a variety of ways to keep poolside fire pits safe after they’ve been built. Before starting any fires, ensure a bucket of sand is nearby to extinguish any flames if they grow out of control. That bucket can also be used to put the fire out when you’re finished for the day. Also, make sure to find a screen cover to place over the pit when it isn’t in use to protect it from inclement weather so it can stay clean for years to come.