Five Simple Steps to Open Your Pool This Spring

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Spring is upon us, the weather is improving, and people should be opening up their pools in preparation for the summer months. Having provided swimming pool renovations in Newtown, PA, and surrounding areas for more than two decades, we thought we’d share some steps with customers old and new. Many people assume it’s too early to open up their pool in spring; we believe it’s the perfect time to make use of your pool.


Step One

Take off your pool cover and remove any leaves and debris that may have collected on top of your winter pool cover. If your cover is solid, you may want to drain any water that has accumulated using a submersible pump. After doing this, set the cover out to dry in the sunshine,


Step Two

Either use your garden hose or home water supply to start filling the swimming pool up. While you wait for the pool to fill, plump in the pump, any other equipment, and replace all drain plugs that need replacing. By connecting all the plumbing now, it will be easy to spot leaks once the pool is full.


Step Three

Next, check for any leaks that may be present. If you find any leaks, mark them and turn off the water pump while repairs are carried out. If there are no leaks present, there is no need to stop the pump from running 24 hours a day.


Step Four

If the swimming pool water is nice and clear, you can clear away any leaves and debris from the water. Don’t forget to switch your valve to waste if you are clearing out via your filter system, and remember, the water levels will drop when you do this.


Step Five

Now that the pool is free from debris, take a sample of the water from the deepest part of the pool from at least a foot below the surface. Check the chemical levels, and adjust the chemical composition of the water accordingly to ensure that your pool stays safe and clear at all times.

We’re proud to hold a reputation as one of the best swimming pool companies in Doylestown, PA, and surrounding areas. Start enhancing your outdoor space today!