Fun Pool Games to Try This Summer

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As summer gets rolling, you might start to feel a creeping dread steal over you: what should you do when your kids run out of pool games?

As one of the leading inground pool builders in Richboro, PA, the KS Pools and Patios team has seen this problem come up with many pool owners and a lot of creative ways to solve the issue. Here are just a few of the fun pool games people have thought of:

Modified Classics

One of the easiest ways to entertain your kids during the summer is to come up with modern twists on traditional pool games. For example, you can do a cannonball competition where participants have to strike a pose before they hit the water, and the one who strikes the best pose will be the winner. Depending on your party’s size, you can either have other kids fill the judge’s panel and have them rotate out, or you and another adult can fill that role.

If you have younger children playing, then you could also do a modified version of Marco Polo. While the traditional version has someone who’s “it” trying to find the other players by saying “Marco” and listening for the “Polo” reply, you can have the “it” person instead call out the name of an animal, and have everyone else make animal noises that reflect that.

Pool-Friendly Land Games

Just because your pool is filled with water doesn’t mean you have to limit the pool fun to traditional water games only. You can easily create fun pool games based on land-based activities if you get a little creative.

For example, you can try using pool floaties as bumper cars and have the children bump into one another while they make their way around the pool. Or, if you’d rather avoid having conflicts that can arise when children bump into one another, you can also do modified versions of a traditional scavenger hunt or even play “water balloon volleyball.” All you need for the latter is a towel per team and a net that can float in the pool for each team to toss water balloons over.

Simply Enjoying the Water

Once you’ve exhausted your options or have hit a creative block with your ideas, it’s worth bringing back simple ways to enjoy the water without complex rules. For example, you could toss a few coins into the pool and have your kids race to gather them. Or, if you’d like to keep it even more straightforward, you can play Whirlpool and give your whole family an opportunity to float on the current.

To find out about more pool games or get a quote for swimming pool renovations in Richboro, PA, call the KS Pools and Patios team today!