Get Your Backyard Ready for Winter

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Summer is over, and winter is now approaching. But before you say, “goodbye world” for the winter and huddle under your blanket until you see the first signs of spring, remember that it’s still fall. Fall is a beautiful time of year when nature shows off its leaves changing colors and its near-perfect weather. You might want to take advantage of all that beauty and spend as much time as you can outside before the weather turns too cold. So go outside and start working on your backyard. At KS Pools and Patios, we’re an inground pool builder in Doylestown, PA and we’ll tell you how to get your yard ready for winter:

  1. Get out those rakes – Unless this is your first year on earth, you probably know that the leaves fall off the trees during autumn and blanket the ground until you sweep them away. But don’t use a broom to sweep them (that wouldn’t work too well), get out your rakes and lawn bags and get moving. If your neighbors can’t see you, consider jumping in the piles of leaves and feeling like a kid again.
  1. Mow that lawn – As long as your grass keeps growing in the fall, make sure you keep mowing it. If your grass is kept too long over the winter months (more than 2 inches), it’ll trap more moisture during the winter, which means it could be dead in areas by next spring. You can prevent all that by keeping it on the shorter side.
  1. Winterize your pool – If you have an inground pool built by our custom pool builders in Doylestown, PA, and other local areas, you’ll want to close it up and get it ready for the winter. Do that by cleaning it, balancing the water chemistry, and lowering the water level. Also, drain the filtering equipment and cover the pool.

We hope these steps will help you not only get your backyard ready for the winter but also let you enjoy the beautiful fall weather. You can also let us help you with our landscaping services. To learn more about keeping your backyard beautiful throughout the year, contact us at 215-720-1991.