Get a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Just in Time for Summer

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When it comes to putting in a swimming pool, you have no shortage of options. But whatever kind of pool you decide to install, the most important decision of the whole process is making the right choice from the many Richboro, PA swimming pool companies.   

KS Pools & Patios is the best selection you can make. Why? First of all, we personalize each project because your pool should be your very own, not identical to someone else’s. If you’ve decided you want a pool, then you probably have some ideas in mind regarding its size, shape, and features, as well as the all-important detail of how much it should cost.   

Our installers will work with you to incorporate your ideas, while using their knowledge to advise you on the pool design that will best fit your backyard.  

One of our specialties is fiberglass pools. Here are some reasons you should consider a fiberglass pool for your property:

Minimal Maintenance Required

Fiberglass pools have lower maintenance than other kinds of pools, as well as lower operating costs. They are designed to maximize water circulation, which means you’ll have to run your pump less. You’ll not only have a pool that has a long life; you’ll also extend the life of your pump.

Fewer Chemicals

Exposing yourself and your family to chemicals, to kill algae and other things you don’t want in your pool, is one of the downsides of some types of pools. But you won’t have to worry about that with fiberglass because algae can’t grow on fiberglass. In addition to swimming in water with fewer chemicals, you’ll save money by not having to purchase these chemicals.

A Better Surface

Fiberglass is smooth and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t durable. In fact, studies have shown that it’s 17 times stronger than concrete!

One-Day Installation

Once we have the design finalized with your approval, the installation is easy for us and convenient for you. You’ll start the day with the same, pool-less backyard you’ve been looking at for years, and end the day with a fiberglass pool you can enjoy for years to come.

And here’s a quick video showing these advantages in action:

To start enjoying these advantages in your backyard, contact the best fiberglass pool installers in Bensalem, PA: KS Pools & Patios.