How Do I Reopen My Pool?

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As a leading swimming pool company serving Richboro, PA, and the surrounding areas, KS Pools and Patios understands that as we wriggle away from winter’s chilly grip and head toward the warm winds ahead, homeowners are starting to think about reopening their pools. The sooner you get your fiberglass inground pool open, the sooner you’ll have fun in the sun with friends and family! While you may have arranged for a pool maintenance professional to come open up your pool, there are still some tasks you can take care of in advance, to get the ball rolling.

Check the Water Level

Even with a tightly covered pool, water finds its way out over the winter. Your water level should be up to the middle of your skimmer before you remove the pool cover. Groundwater levels are often at their highest at the onset of spring. If you don’t keep this groundwater pressure equalized, it could cause catastrophic damage to your fiberglass inground pool.

Remove the Pool Cover 

After you ensure your water level is correct, pump off any water atop the pool cover away from your pool. If you have a leaf blower, you might use that to remove any leaves or other debris. Beyond that, the process depends on which kind of pool cover you have.


  • Automatic pool covers: Make sure you open it gradually, checking to make sure the cover isn’t sticking or crooked in the tracks.


  • Standard winter covers: Refer to the cover’s manufacturer for removal instructions, as each one is different. Removing it in an improper way could cause unwanted debris to fall into your water, contaminating it, and making it difficult to get your water healthfully balanced.

Inspect and Test the Equipment

Your water is at the proper level, the cover’s off, and you’ve skimmed any large debris. Now, it’s time to turn on and check your pool equipment, including pumps, filters (and media), skimmer baskets, and lights that have been sitting idle in the winter elements. Most professional pool services (such as KS Pools and Patios) will do a complete check and alert you to any issues or necessary repairs. If all is well, leave your pump on and let the water circulate for 12 hours.

Test Pool Water Chemistry

Regardless of whether or not you hire a professional to help you open your pool, it’s imperative to get help in balancing your water after the winter. Our swimming pool professionals provide a sophisticated, computerized water analysis that tests for significantly more water balance factors than your standard home test kit.

Spring Cleaning — for the Pool!

Start by scrubbing pool walls with a soft brush. Then, after you’ve given the walls a good cleaning, break out the vacuum. Start from the shallow end and work your way down the pool’s slope. Be sure to clean thoroughly around steps and crevices where debris can accumulate. Inspect safety equipment and accessories.

Want a professional to take care of all of this for you? We’re here to help! For more information about how our fiberglass pool installers near Bensalem, PA, can ready your pool for the summer, contact KS Pools and Patios today!