How to Plan for Your Fiberglass Pool Installation and What to Expect During the Process

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As a homeowner, deciding to get a fiberglass pool installation is both exhilarating and scary. While the decision to get a pool generally answers itself with happy family members, the preparation and upheaval while it is being installed is significant.

Here is how to avoid major stress while your pool project is ongoing.

Treat it Like a Project

Your installation is a major project. If you treat it as anything less, you will run into schedule and budget problems, family interruptions, and possibly even an installation crew that goes about it haphazardly.

Make sure to map this thing out from the very start to the first dive. You may consider hiring a project manager to help you stay on track.

Built-In Contingencies

You and your family have waited a while for this, and your contractor is likely champing at the bit, but an inground pool project is subject to the weather. That means there could be delays due to weather, equipment issues, material delivery problems, etc., so make sure your schedule has some cushioning. Do not put together a schedule so tight that there is no room for error.

Work with Someone Reputable

There are a lot of pool installers that can put a pool into the ground. There are a few who can and will do it right from start to finish. Check references, ask questions, and get to know who you will be working with.

The more confident you are in choosing a contractor that is highly competent, the less you will cause yourself indigestion.

Clear the Area

Once the project starts, treat it like a construction site. Do not let kids or friends on the site when workers are present. Observe all safety protocols. Provide plenty of space for materials and equipment storage. Anything you can do to help keep the site clean will go towards a quick and professional installation.

When the installation starts, you have one job: be there to answer questions from the contractor.

If you are planning a pool installation, make sure you talk to the pool installation experts at KS Pools & Patios. We have a proven track record of building beautiful pools and offering the highest level of customer service!