Is This Summer Still Salvageable?

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Considering the unprecedented events that have happened so far in 2020, it’s completely valid to feel that the summer will be ruined. Unfortunately, while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, many of our most entertaining and exciting plans may have to be scrapped. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope, though, and today we want to talk about the fantastic summer fun we can all have in the comfort of our yards.

Swimming in the Sun

Even if you’re stuck at home, there’s nothing to stop your family from making the most out of this beautiful weather. As temperatures warm up, getting outside is going to be more and more appealing. We should all appreciate the outdoor space that we have, and what better way than to have family fun in the sun?

If you have one of our fiberglass pools installed in Bensalem or the surrounding areas, this summer is going to be a game-changer for your pool-owning experience. Even if the beaches remain closed, you have an oasis right in your backyard. Open up your pool, break out the beach towels, and enjoy the extra time you have with your family the best way possible: swimming. If you need any assistance with your pool whatsoever, feel free to contact us.

No Pool? No Problem.

Whether regulations relax by summer’s peak or not, you’ll still be able to have a blast of a barbeque for your household. Nothing screams summer more than playing cornhole with the family while grilling up some hot dogs. While you might not be able to invite all your friends and family over, you can still enjoy the quality time together. 

Get Some Rays

If you’re all burnt out on that wholesome family time after months stuck with each other, we don’t blame you. That doesn’t mean summer has to be a bust. With the nicer weather, we can all do with relocating some of our activities to the outdoors to catch some sun and breathe the fresh air. Enjoy your lunch out on that patio we built for you, lay down in the grass, watch the clouds float by, and do your daily workout outside instead of in your spare bedroom. Nearly everything we do inside currently can be done in our very own backyard, and this summer is going to be monumental in realizing how valuable that space is.

Keeping Summer Alive

Whether you have a pool, are considering getting one, or want to make your outdoor space worthwhile, KS Pools and Patios is here to help you. While we’re well known as being a swimming pool company serving Richboro and the entirety of Southeastern PA, we offer everything from hardscaping to landscaping to building your perfect outdoor kitchen. If you’re interested in revitalizing your outdoors and making sure your summer isn’t a slump, please call us or email us at