Make Your Backyard an Oasis With These Pool Features

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Pool lighting keeping pool lit into the night.

If you’re like most people, your pool doesn’t just serve a functional purpose. Sure, it’s useful for swimming laps and cooling off, but the real reason that most homeowners we meet want a pool is because they need a little piece of Paradise to retreat to after busy workweeks.

If you’re thinking about building a custom in-ground pool (or renovating the one you already have), don’t deprive yourself of the possibilities. Make sure you’ve spent some time gathering inspiration and thinking about what you really want. To help you get started, here are three enhancements that can easily turn any ordinary pool into a tranquil haven.



Pool lighting doesn’t just make a midnight swim possible—it makes it downright magical. The lighting options for your pool are limited only by your own imagination, so spend plenty of time considering your options before you settle on a lighting scheme.  Lighting inlaid along the edge of your deck creates a Hollywood-worthy glow on swimmers in the water, while underwater lighting creates the effect of a heavenly oasis. Consider multi-colored and alternating lights, as well: the options are endless.


The charm of water features never gets old. The sound of flowing water is instantly relaxing for anyone lounging poolside, and the sight of a waterfall or fountain sparkling in the midday sun can be downright entrancing. Combined with lighting or full landscaping, a waterfall can be the final touch that suddenly transforms your backyard into something out of a dream.

Negative Edge

Also called an infinity edge, this feature sounds deceptively simple, but has a powerful visual impact in person. Unlike standard pool edges, which rise a few inches above the water level, a negative edge is exactly level with the water, or allows water to flow over the sides into a narrow basin. Since this creates the illusion for anyone in the pool that the water flows over a sheer drop, the visual effect is especially impressive when the pool blends into a scenic background or is higher than the rest of your backyard.

Our designers love nothing more than transforming an ordinary backyard into a private oasis. When you schedule a consultation with your pool designer at KS Pools and Patios, don’t leave any details out, then watch them come to life. Learn more at