Pool Stains: Causes and Removal Tips

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Your pool is your backyard oasis. Your at-home vacation spot. Your sanctuary after a long, hard day. It’s one of your favorite parts of your home, and the last thing you want is to see it ruined. That’s why spotting a stain on the pool surface can be such a big shock and a disappointment. Don’t worry, though! We’re here to help you fix it. 

How to Diagnose Pool Stains

The first step in removing the unsightly stain is identifying the cause. Watch the short video below to learn more about what’s staining your pool in the first place. 

Now it’s time to learn how to match the stain to the material that’s sullying your pool’s surface. Different materials leave behind blemishes, so the best way to distinguish between each stain is by color.

BROWN-RED, GREEN, BLUE, BLACK: When your pool stain sports one or a combination of these colors, you’re most likely looking at a metal stain. Each metal leaves behind a different-colored blemish. For example, copper creates blue, green, or teal spots, while iron creates red, brown, or black spots. 

BROWN-RED: By now, you should know what rust looks like. When a metal object in your pool, or inside your pool, starts to rust, the offending color will be brown-red or brown-orange. 

WHITE: You probably won’t find a white blotch on your pool surface, but you may find white mineral deposits lounging about. This is usually caused by excess calcium, which causes limescale to build up. 

BROWN-GREEN: Brown and/or green stains are most likely caused by organic compounds. If leaves, nuts, or mud settle at the bottom of your pool, they can leave an ugly spot behind as they decompose. 

RED, BLUE, PURPLE: The other popular organic compound that’s known for staining pools is berries. If you have a berry bush anywhere nearby, don’t be surprised if these little guys find their ways into your pool. Depending on the type of berry, you may find a red, blue, or purple stain left behind. 

How Can I Remove Pool Stains?

Luckily, cleaning pool stains isn’t rocket science. You can easily remove the offending blemish as long as you take the appropriate precautions beforehand. Notice we emphasized the words “appropriate precautions.” This is extremely important, because adding the wrong cleaning agents will throw off your pool’s delicate water chemistry. 

Begin by doing some research on the best products for cleaning the type of stain you have. If you’re not sure what works best for your pool, or even what kind of stain you have, don’t be afraid to give our swimming pool builders near Langhorne, PA, a call. Once you get your hands on the right cleaning products, you’ll have to lower the level of the pool water, so you can easily reach the stain. Only then should you begin cleaning by following the directions, which are either written on the bottle or provided to you by a pool expert. 

If you’re not sure that this is a task you can handle by yourself, don’t stress. We have experts that are trained to handle this kind of thing. It’s better to contact Langhorne’s trusted pool and patio contractors than to risk damaging your pool’s surface. Contact us today.