Staycation in Style: How to Have A Fun Summer Vacation at Home

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As more and more families look for ways to cut costs around the house, many are choosing to skip the beach and find summer fun in their own backyards! The “staycation” is becoming increasingly popular with families, couples, and singles as people realize that there is so much adventure in their own community that they haven’t explored yet! Staying in for the summer? Take our top tips on staycationing to get the most out of your season!

  • Fix up the pool. If you’ve been neglecting your pool, now is the perfect time to get it fixed up! Swimming pool companies in Doylestown PA can help you to clean, resurface, and clear up any other outstanding issues with maintenance. Need more serious repairs? Be sure to call an expert company providing swimming pool renovations in Doylestown PA before letting your little ones jump on in. When it comes to staycations, lounging by the pool can be even more fun that sitting on the beach when the temperatures start rising!
  • Explore local cuisine. Most people want to explore international vacations – but don’t even realize that many of the culinary classics famous abroad can be found near or around their hometown! Make your staycation a food tour, and try a local family-owned restaurant from a different country each day- you might be surprised and find a new favorite!
  • Get active. When you’re home during the summer, it can be tempting to sit in front of the TV or video games all day- especially if you have children clamoring to watch cartoons. Fight the urge and use your staycation to explore local parks, lakes, and hiking trails. Many people don’t even realize what beautiful nature options they have as little as a mile away from their home- plus, you’ll head back to work or school in shape!

Those are just a few of the ways you can make the most out of your staycation! At KS Pools and Patios, we’ll help you clean up your pool so it’s ready to go this summer. To learn more about our pool cleaning services, contact us at 215-720-1991.