The Best Ways to Burn Calories in Your Pool

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Having a swimming pool comes with responsibility, but it can also be a great tool to help you enjoy the summertime and get in shape. As one of the leading inground pool builders serving Richboro, PA, KS Pools and Patios has seen many different ways people have used their pools to exercise, and it’s not always required to just run laps until your arms fall off.

Here are a few ways that people have managed to burn more calories while enjoying their pools:

Invest in Equipment

Many gyms provide equipment like free weights, benches, and machines to their members for a straightforward reason: equipment can help you burn calories and build muscle with better efficiency than bodyweight alone.

Throwing around gym weights in the pool in the interest of getting fit wouldn’t be the best idea because if they slip and fall, they are more likely to damage your pool than fall onto foam or rubber mats that typically protect gym floors. However, you can still get a great, calorie-burning workout if you invest in equipment like water weights and hand paddles, which can increase resistance while you’re in the pool. Even using pool shoes can help improve your workout by increasing your grip and resistance while in the water.

Play a Sport

Many people who have a pool probably don’t think of their pool as a place to play sports, but if you’re looking for ways to burn more calories while you swim, sports can be a great way to do that. Games like water polo, water volleyball, and water aerobics can burn anywhere between 90 and 400 calories per game, depending on your dimensions.

However, even if playing a water sport isn’t your idea of a good time, you can choose to simply race yourself while using various strokes you don’t typically use.

Keep Up Your Good Work

If you’re using your pool to exercise, you’re likely trying to incorporate more exercise into your life generally. With a pool, something as simple as jogging around the pool can increase your heart rate enough to burn as many as 17 calories per minute.

However, if you’d rather stick to more traditional water exercises and have elected to swim laps, then you can also boost your overall calorie burn by taking fewer breaks between laps. It will help keep your heart rate up and boost the benefits you’ll receive from your overall fitness.

If you’d like to find out more about how to burn more calories in your swimming pool or are interested in finding out more about services like swimming pool renovations in Richboro, PA, then call KS Pools and Patios today!