Three Reasons to Get Your Swimming Pool Renovations Done This Fall

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If you’ve been putting off getting the swimming pool renovations in Warminster, PA that your home needs, now is the perfect time to finally schedule that consultation. Fall is the ideal time of year to work on your home – the weather is milder than the burning heat of summer, but not yet the freezing temperatures that we’re used to seeing in Pennsylvania! Still considering procrastinating your swimming pool renovations New Hope, PA? Here are three good reasons to pick up the phone today!

The pool will be open in time for spring. Let’s face it – even with the odd warm fall day, not many people are using their pools during this season. As spring seemingly begins to arrive earlier and earlier each year, starting your pool renovations now will save you the stress of wondering if you’ll be able to go for a dip when the sun pokes out in May!

Fall is a slower time of year for renovations companies. Did you know that the most popular time of year for home renovation projects is the spring season? Fall is considered to be one of the slower times of year for projects like pool renovation, which means that you’ll be able to find a contractor more quickly, the job will be done faster, and you’ll likely save money on material costs.

You’ll avoid winter freezes. Here in Pennsylvania, we’re no stranger to harsh winter weather-including the occasional blizzard and thunderstorm! Keeping your pool open excessively long during the colder months (often required for renovations) can put you at risk for pipe freeze when the first snow falls – a serious danger to both your plumbing system and your pool! By starting your project in the fall when the weather is milder, you’ll have time to make sure that the pool is closed up tight when winter comes knocking.

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