Tips for Maintaining a Pool in the Off-Season

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Summer has faded to fall, you’ve covered your pool for the season, and that’s a wrap, right? Wrong. Pool maintenance doesn’t end with the changing of the seasons. Off-season pool maintenance is an integral part of caring for your pool and is necessary for ensuring an easy, clean, and nearly effortless opening when you’re ready to get back in the swim of things come springtime.

Let’s run down what leading swimming pool builders say you should do in the off-season to keep your pool beautiful and clean until you’re ready to officially open it up again.

Preparing for the Big Freeze

Here in Pennsylvania, you know how unpredictable the winters can be, but every winter shares a common element: freezing temps and biting cold. As a pool owner, you want to be sure that your pool’s motorized parts and pipes do not freeze. Drain the water from your heater, pump, and filter. Failing to do so may lead to freezing and cracking of expensive components, something you likely won’t discover until you get ready to open your pool this spring.

Also, drain some water from the pool itself. A good rule of thumb is to drain the pool until the water level lies a minimum of four inches and a maximum of six inches below the skimmer.

Add Closing Chemicals

Close your pool down with a final “shock treatment” of the season, given just a couple of days before you put the cover on. On closing day, give your pool the recommended dose of winter-rated algaecide to help it stay clean during the coming winter. Attach your cover according to the manufacturer’s instructions, being sure to batten it down properly so that it stays on during any winter storms. (And check on the cover after storms to be sure it’s still on). Periodically remove leaves that accumulate on top of the cover during the fall and winter, as these can weigh down the cover and cause it to slip.

Springtime Opening

Choose an opening date that’s as early as possible in the season, preferably before temps get too warm. This will help to offset the reproduction of microorganisms, the growth of which was slowed by the cold water. Once it warms up, these boogers can bloom quickly, giving you an overgrowth of biofilm and algae to deal with.

If you’ve followed the standard procedures for off-season pool care, you’ll find beautiful, clean water waiting for you when you remove your pool cover in the spring. You’ll still want to put in the proper chemicals recommended for your setup to get your water in balanced, ready-to-swim condition. The chances are good that your efforts over the winter will help you shave off a ton of time and money from the opening process.

To learn more about off-season pool maintenance, contact KS Pools & Patios, premier fiberglass pool installers in Bensalem, PA.