Tips to Maintain Your Pool

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There’s nothing quite as refreshing and restoring as diving into a cool pool during the summer. These simple maintenance tips will ensure your pool is clean and pristine and ready for your next dip.

  1. Use Your Skimmer – it’s best to tackle debris while it’s on the surface and before it settles to the floor of the pool or gets caught in the filter. This is particularly the case if you have many trees, and leaves, near your pool. Get into the habit of removing items every few days. It will save you time and reduce the amount of chlorine needed, which equals money in your wallet.
  2. Test the pH levels – this indicates the cleanliness of the pool.  Ideally, the pH levels of a pool should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Inexpensive testing kits are available and easy to use.
  3. Check for Leaks – it’s often hard to tell if a pool has a leak because there are many sources of water loss including evaporation and splashing. If you lose more than 2 inches a week, be concerned. The most common problem is separation between the plastic skimmer and the concrete that’s easily fixed with pool putty. Another technique to test for leaks is to half fill a bucket with water and mark the level inside the bucket. Place the bucket in the pool and mark the pool water level on the outside of the bucket. Leave the bucket in the pool for 24 hours. If the water level on the outside the bucket has gone down more than the water level on the inside of the bucket, you have a leak and should seek professional help.
  4. Clean the Filter – a filter shouldn’t be entirely clean as a bit of dirt helps the filtration process but you don’t want too much flow through the filter or it will wear out more quickly. The maximum pressure reading level should be indicated on your filter.
  5. Vacuum Once A Week – just like mowing the lawn, you should vacuum your pool methodically so you get every bit of dirt. It’s also good to wipe over the tiles. If you do this job regularly, it keeps the dirt and algae at bay. Even if you have an automatic machine, it’s a good idea to do a manual clean once a week in case there are any missed bits.

Keeping a pool maintained saves you money because you’ll use less chlorine and keep the machinery running for longer. And you’ll enjoy your swims even more.