Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own, Private Resort With These Pool Features

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Here at KS Pools & Patios, we offer the best variety of beautiful swimming pool renovations in the Richboro, PA area. Your pool is much more than a hole in the ground full of water. It’s a place for you and your family to forget the stress of the daily grind by relaxing and having fun. 

Some people choose to put aside their worries for a week by spending thousands of dollars on vacations at luxury resorts. But you can leave your cares behind and bring the resort to you all summer long by enhancing your backyard pool. Here are just a few of the swimming pool renovations available in the Doylestown, PA area, courtesy of KS Pools & Patios:


Nobody likes to swim in darkness, but your pool party doesn’t have to end at sundown. With patio lighting and underwater lighting from KS Pools & Patios, your pool will be as safe and fun to use on a clear, hot August night as it is to use on a sunny July afternoon. You can even light the area around your pool with fire, thanks to our torch installations.


Bring the fun of a waterpark into your backyard with our waterslide installations. Make a splash and get hours of fun for all ages.


You can get the look and feel of a natural watering hole in your manmade oasis by having a waterfall constructed. Admire its beauty from afar, or immerse yourself under its gentle cascade for the most refreshing swim of your life.


Our fountains appeal to more than one of your senses simultaneously. They are lovely to see, as the water flows and moves in a steady stream. They also provide the soothing sound of flowing water, bringing an added sense of tranquility to your backyard paradise.

Custom Masonry Work and More

The area surrounding your pool is just as important as the pool itself, so make it stand out with retaining walls, an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, a customized patio, and more. 

We also install spas, and we can update your equipment such as pumps and filters. For all your pool and patio needs, contact KS Pools & Patios.