Why Don’t You See Diving Boards Anymore?

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Diving boards were once a staple of many swimming pools, but as the years went on, they’ve slowly disappeared and gone out of fashion. So then, where have they all gone? There are multiple factors that contributed to their decline in use, so if you’re wondering what happened to dive boards for pools, here are four of the significant reasons behind their absence and why fewer pools are using them.

Safety Risk

While diving and jumping off a board may be a fun pool activity, it’s not without risks. Perhaps the most notable influence that led to the decline in diving boards is that they have been the source of many poolside accidents throughout the years. Landing in the water of an inground pool is one thing, but slipping and falling onto the hard surface of the board or the concrete poolside can result in serious injuries. Swimming should be a fun time, not one spent worrying about whether your child may hurt themselves on a diving board.

Insurance Issues

Believe it or not, a simple swimming board can increase the costs you’ll have to pay. Despite the small size of a diving board relative to an inground pool itself, this may seem like a strange expense, but it’s not the cost to make the board that’s expensive; it’s the risk of owning one. Given the danger they may pose and the possible injuries they may cause, owning a pool that has a diving board can increase your homeowner’s insurance rates. Additionally, an insurance provider may decide to end your insurance coverage altogether, and nobody wants to risk losing their insurance in exchange for diving.

Less Play Area

A play area is defined as the location in a pool where you can stand with your head above water. Because most of the activities families partake in are played in this shallow region, such as volleyball or other pool games, the majority of the time spent in the pool is spent in the play area. However, because diving boards require deep water, so swimmers don’t injure themselves when diving, it results in less overall play area.

Contemporary Diving Boards Are Weaker

Even if a family does decide to install a diving board, they won’t have nearly as much fun as they would have in the past. Due to safety regulations that have been implemented over the years to reduce the chance of injury, diving boards are less bouncy and stiffer than before. If your diving experience won’t be very entertaining to begin with, then why bother contending with the other downsides mentioned previously?


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