Winter Is Coming: How to Prepare Your Pool for the Off-Season

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Although the summer season is winding down, pool maintenance is just as important as ever. To enjoy your pool for years and years to come, preparation during the winter months is essential. However, not all pools are created equal. KS Pools and Patios is the go-to swimming pool company in Warminster, PA, for pools that survive the test of time.

KS Pools and Patios has prepared a short list to consider when closing a pool:

1) Balance chemicals one last time.

Stave off algae in the off-season by checking and adjusting the pool water’s pH, water hardness, alkalinity, and chlorine to optimal levels.

2) Scrub and clean everything.

Everything from the pool walls, filtration system, and accessories like diving boards and ladders can use a good scouring. This will protect both the pool and the accessories over the winter.

3) Store all toys and accessories.

Now, you can store all your clean accessories. The more things you can store, the less you have to worry about them rusting or otherwise getting ruined in the upcoming months.

4) Drain the water level as needed.

To help protect the filtration system, lower the water level so that it is below the skimmer. Don’t forget to drain the system as well.

5) Cover up.

Once you secure the cover, you’re all set! Just make sure to supervise pets and children around the covered pool.

The pools we design and install are built to last. With every client, we strive to deliver equal amounts of style and quality. Your custom installation is handled from start to finish by KS Pools and Patios employees – never external contractors. With proper care, your pool will last for many years to come.

If you already own a pool that has suffered some wear and tear (or just needs a facelift), KS Pools and Patios also provides swimming pool renovations. We can also replace and update other pool equipment, pumps, and filters.

KS Pools and Patios is the premier swimming pool company in Doylestown, PA. To inquire about your own custom pool, contact KS Pools and Patios at 215-720-1991 for more information.